I’m so in love with sailing that I…

I’m so in love with sailing that I quit my technical support job to wedge a toe in the sailing industry’s front door. I succeeded at that… I’m now working as a customer service representative and executive assistant to the CEO of a local sailing school. I just started my fourth week, and I LOVE IT. It’s by far the best job I’ve ever had and I am having so much fun learning and meeting so many fellow sailors. And the sailing! I’m making $7 an hour less than I was paid at my technical support job, but that’s okay. I am too happy to care.

I’m so in love with sailing that I have no interest in men or dating at all. I’m too focused, and the life I’m creating for myself is far more interesting and valuable to me than any man’s attention.

I’m so in love with sailing that I am willing to live in my car. Tomorrow morning, I’m purchasing a fiery orange 2007 Honda Element. I am selling my beloved 2008 VW New Beetle Daisybelle and buying a vehicle that I can outfit for extended urban guerrilla camping. My goal is to make Ember my home for three months. (Yes, I have named her already.) I may completely hate sleeping in my car and quit after one week. Who knows? Maybe I’ll last the whole 3 months, or I’ll end up enjoying it and decide to do it even longer.

Why? Because it’s so damn expensive to live in the Bay Area. I can afford to rent a room for $800 – $1000 a month, but there are very few out there that cheap, and even fewer take pets. Housemate situations are complicated! Moving inland isn’t an option either. Wherever there is ocean and sailboats, there am I.

I can afford rent, but I would not be saving any money for the future — for  Novaturient. I’ve learned in my research that it’s doable. There are countless people in the Bay Area living in their cars, even people with good jobs.

I am about to join them.

My family is extremely concerned for my safety. I can understand that. But if I can’t live in a Honda Element for 3 months, then how can I cross an ocean on a sailboat? Both will cause my family worry. Both will have their rewards and challenges. Well, I am no wimp. Bring it.

The financial potential is huge. If I go long-term with this, it could mean buying Novaturient in 2 to 3 years instead of 5 or 6. I have to try this. Also, when I finally move aboard Novaturient, her interior is going to feel HUGE compared to a Honda Element!

Not to be overlooked… I’m sure that living in a Honda Element to save money for a sailboat will give me plenty of material for my blog and YouTube channel. Life is about to get very interesting.

5 thoughts on “I’m so in love with sailing that I…

  1. Very excited to follow your journey! Can I ask why you decided to purchase a Honda Element rather than some kind of van, which would allow more space?


    • Hi Lori,

      Thank you for commenting and for following!

      I can answer your question with one word — STEALTH!

      I want to blend in – for peeps and po-po to walk or drive by and have not a clue that someone is sleeping inside.

      Okay, that was more than one word, but you get the idea. 🙂


  2. I wish you well on your new adventure. I am just learning about the stealth living community and wonder at their bravery and conquering their fears. Then I realized, physically, it isn’t much different than those I met who live on their sailboat moored off the island of St. Croix, US Virgin Islands, where I lived for 4-1/2 years. But they were an actual community, looking out for each other, and not isolated in stealth mode on a nightly basis. I hope you are able to connect with other stealth living persons so you find safe places for the night and have some nearby connections. Blessings to you in seeking your dreams.

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    • Thank you Kay! Your comment and encouraging words are greatly appreciated.

      I’m finding a supportive community In a handful of Facebook van dweller and urban stealth camping groups I joined. This is part of the reason I have started a blog and YouTube channel. It really helps me to feel a part of a community!

      M. 🙂


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