Video Uploaded! v1.2 Radical Plan to Save Money to Buy My BlueWater Boat

My family hates this idea! But knowing me, I think they understand now…

I’m making some HUUUUUUGE changes to my life and letting go of so many things in order to make the sailing dream a reality. It’s kind of scary! I’m hoping to connect with a community of fellow novaturient spirits to encourage and support each other as we make changes to let go of the possessions and habits that hold us back — and boldly chase our dreams.

In this episode of Sailing Novaturient, Coco and I say “aloha” to our new friends Jethro and Akyra, introduce my new-to-me 2007 Honda Element Ember, and I describe my radical plan to save money to buy my bluewater boat.

Please watch, and if you enjoy, please be sure to share, click “LIKE,” and “SUBSCRIBE.”


Keep going and keep growing!

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