YouTube Video v1.3 Uploaded

In this version of Sailing Novaturient, I rush Coco to the vet for a scary breathing problem… and the diagnosis is devastating. (I cried a lot, but didn’t film it.) A 24-hour stay at the pet emergency hospital stabilized him and bought us some more time together. Then I drove Ember to my sister’s house loaded up with Coco, Coco’s medicine, and power tools. I had a day and a half to use her garage as my workshop — to build the platform bed.

I’d never built anything for myself with wood and power tools, by myself, so I gave myself permission to make a few mistakes — and I did. I also raced against time. This is by no means a “how to” video. Probably more of a comedy. The end result looks a little wonky, but it’s actually quite sturdy and stable.

I couldn’t wait to try the new bed out and spend some quality adventure time with Coco. In the next version, Coco and I take a road trip down Highway 1 to try stealth camping for the first time.

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