New Video! v1.7 Beginning Life on Wheels and Water – Urban Stealth Camping and Sailboat Living

A long chapter of my life comes to an end and an exciting new chapter begins — life on wheels and water! I move out of my apartment and onto a sailboat, and due to liveaboard limitations at the marina, I also begin urban stealth camping 4 nights a week in my Honda Element Ember. Letting go of my cherished and sentimental possessions and the transition to vehicle- and sailboat-dwelling isn’t always comfortable, but the sailing makes it all worthwhile.

One thought on “New Video! v1.7 Beginning Life on Wheels and Water – Urban Stealth Camping and Sailboat Living

  1. Hi, my name is Jimmy and I liked reading and watching your videos. When I was a kid me and my grand parents spent the summer in a dodge van with my cousin and sometimes my sister also. Tight fit haha. Then it broke down and my parents and uncle chipped in and got my grandparents a used Winnibago. We went fishing everyday and that was pretty much what we ate. I like reading different topics and used to read about people that sailed around the world. One story I liked was about a guy that sailed around Europe in a double hulled 33 foot lifeboat and that was great. One guy wrote a few books and every book he must of made money because he had a new boat. I wish that for you. I used to read wooden boat magizine and there were alot of cheap or even free boats . I just looked up a website called that sells boats that were donated. some for $1001978 Mariner Auxiliary SloopListed for charity
    1978 Mariner 28.2′ Auxiliary Sloop Sailboat – Massachusetts
    Time left:Time left:9d 16h 6/3, 5:00PM
    Current bid:US $100.99
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    It looks pretty nice. Good luck and hope to hear from you, Jimmy


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